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This was probably the lowest cost car launch ever in China, and it launched a thriving business.

Do you want to expand your business in China but don't know the market, it's challenges, and are justifiably worried about outsourcing it to someone you'll never see and you worry won't understand your needs?

Perhaps you've tried long distance calls to eager consultants, or even company staff, who spoke well about PR but didn't really get the business side, or the way that you'll need to report internally on what's happening.

Can you see the potential of the ASEAN markets and want to use Singapore as a gateway to do business, but with so many dialects and sub regions it's all a bit bewildering? To appoint an agency out there would give in region contacts but then you would be out of touch.

So you want the best of both worlds - someone who knows Asia but lives on your timezone and speaks your language.

Then maybe we should talk. This was me - I drove my Morgan Roadster into the Forbidden City, Beijing, and started the publicity frenzy which built a multi-million pound business.  I used traditional and digital public relations to build a national brand without spending any budget on advertising. Before moving to China in 2006 I started this agency in Singapore in 1995. That makes me an old Asia hand with 25 years of experience, including opening an office in India.

If you want to get your brand known in Asia, but you are not there to do it yourself, then let's have a conversation because my team and I have driven many brands from obscurity down the highways of public awareness and market adoption.

Just fill out the form below and we can start helping you drive into your forbidden city.

Jim James

Let us share with you also some insights which we have from doing business in Asia - in this case top 3 considerations for doing business in China during the Year of the Ox. 

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Our clients are looking to work with a proactive agency which offers value for money, speed of delivery, and ultimately makes them look good.


Imagine a coffee shop giving access to life-saving water for every coffee they sell, or accountants educating a child in need for every client they serve... And imagine if every time you sold one of your products or services, something great happened. Masami realized that they needed to create habit, impact and connection to make a difference. Here is how they are accomplishing that vision.

Since 2007, B1G1 has worked with more than 2,700 businesses from all industries creating over $200m in impact.