EASTWEST Public Relations
Getting clients noticed since 1995

Are you frustrated that your business isn't getting enough publicity?

You've probably tried to hire an expensive agency, or even brought some one in-house who you thought could get to know the Company and then get you noticed across International markets.

But those options didn't work so you are now looking for an middle way; experienced and cost effective public relations support.

The other options failed because a generalist agency is just that, generalist, and a new recruit can't be an expert in both your company and the trade of public relations.

So why not try an independent business2business public relations firm run by people who actually live in the countries you want to get noticed in?

That's where we come in; we're a group of people who know public relations and run our own businesses, so we're good at getting results for reasonable budgets.

Now, before you lose any more ground to the competition, get in touch with us and let's have a sensible conversation about what you want to get done and how much budget you've got to make it happen.

Contact me, Jim James, using the form below or call my mobile +44 7717 729625 (after the school run at 08:00 GMT please)

Some of our clients

Our clients are looking to work with a proactive agency which offers value for money, speed of delivery, and ultimately makes them look good.