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Getting clients noticed in Asia since 1995
  • Getting clients noticed since 1995

    Public Relations Experts in Asia

    Cost effective communications across traditional and digital media in Asia.

Our Services

At the EASTWEST Public Relations Group we get clients noticed cost effectively and efficiently. We do this by a combination of proactive campaign planning, the appropriate use of technology, and a practice of engaging expert consultants against known deliverables.  As we've been serving clients in Asia since 1995 we have substantial experience, networks and goodwill all of which we bring to bear for existing and new clients.

Media relations

Knowing journalists is one part of our role, and turning on the taps of information flow is another. Media relations is a key part of our role.

Content creation

Engaging, compelling, and ultimately content that will be read and shared is a vital part of our service; as text, infographics, podcasts and vlogs.

Event management

Setting the stage is often a key part of ensuring that a marketing messages are well received; and that is where we come in.

Digital marketing 

Managing social media across multiple markets and timezones is a challenge we relish. In the digital age marketing is realtime and global.

Effective because we know the market

Focused on b2b clients in Asia since 1995, we know the key media and analysts, and understand the subject matter quickly. Our consultants and partners are all motivated to deliver due to our business model.

Efficient because we use neat technology 

Using cloud based knowledge management and remote working technology we can deliver great work whilst saving time and money that traditional agencies can't match.

On time because we listen to instructions

PR is always a function of a business goal, and we recognise the need to support the corporate and sales departments with timely air cover. 

Some of our clients

Our clients are looking to work with a proactive agency which offers value for money, speed of delivery, and ultimately makes them look good.