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Which parts of your pr program are not working?

Our Philosophy is to add value with every communication.


If you can't think of what to write, or draw or video, then why not let us take care of that for you.

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Are you finding that it can be tricky sending information at the right time to the right people, especially in different cultures and languages?

We can take that load off your outbox.

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You've probably got to answer to someone who wants to know where the money has gone right? We're used to that and so we provide some accurate, data filled reports in pdf and xls which you can share with the sales team, the cfo and anyone else who needs proof that PR was definitely worthwhile. 

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Content Centric Communications

Communications is now all about content; relationships are important but as companies can now also own media as well as buy media, earned media plays only one part of the strategy.

We devised this Content Flywheel which we use to guide all of our work. It places content at the centre of the work we do, and shows the 5 stages necessary to ensure an effective campaign in any circumstance.

Our Services

From taking the brief to delivering the project, our team of consultants are always working to make sure that the information that our client wants to share is relevant, timely and engaging. We act as the first filter, a trusted advisor helping the client to understand local market context and matching their offering to the readers. 

Media Relations 

Opening the taps to let the stories flow, and identifying which media will be most thirsty for the news.

Content Creation

Working from existing client content or creating it ourselves in any format that suits the project.

Clients now entrust us to increase their Social Selling Index. We do this by a combination of services including content creation, contact development and measurement.

Event Management

Delivering news can be done at a media roundtable, a conference, or a bespoke event. We manage the logistics so that the news can be delivered in a suitable context.

Graphic Design

Clients often need localization, for example to a Chinese name or style, or need region and event specific design. We manage this work as part of overall project. 

Crisis Management

Ideally there is preparation, but certainly there is always a need for crisis management communication; which is all about business continuity.

Our Pricing Plans

 We don't intend to be the lowest cost, but the best value for money agency in Asia. 


Consultancy with senior counsel on a strategy issue; like having a marketing director on call.


Best for building a brand in a market overtime; effectively we become part of the team.


Specific deliverables when there is a particular opportunity to address.

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