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    Join us as free lance consultant and earn money on your own terms.
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    You can focus on your passion, and we'll manage the operational parts to ensure that you get paid.
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    Being a knowledge worker is liberating

    We will provide all the infrastructure that you need, you manage your own style.

Would you like to be free and earn money?

We are building a community of consultants who want to earn money without the time it takes to find clients and then to manage all the operations like finance and HR. It may be that you have extra time from the day job and want a side hustle, or you don't want to build a brand and all that goes with it. By focusing on the money making part of the job, an independent consultant can make more money than by trying to build an agency.

Rely on us

We have tailored a complete work environment which makes getting leads, servicing clients and getting paid is as quick and easy as it is every going to be. Share with us your expertise, post blogs on our site, and we will do our best to bring you work. 

How do we make money? We charge a marketing and administration fee at 40% which is what an agency normally needs to pay for business development, rentals, administration, license fees, taxes and then make a reasonable return. 

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